TheBoneEdge 2 PC Chef's Choice Cooking Kitchen Cleaver Knife Set Stainless Steel 13597

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The 2 Pieces set of classic Cleaver Knife and Kitchen Knife can easily handle daily kitchen tasks like chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing, a good chopper for cutting meat and vegetables in your kitchen and restaurant. Hand made by seasoned craftsman, the all-purpose wider blade is very thin and ultra sharp to help you make your best cut, allows to easy resharpen and maintenance. Full tang construction make a seamless transition from blade to handle providing excellent balance, multi color handle gives a secure grip.


  • 11.5" Overall Length
  • 7" Blade Length
  • 4.5" Handle Length


  • 10.25" Overall Length
  • 6.25" Blade Length
  • 4" Handle Length


  • TheBoneEdge Cleaver Knife Set
  • Stainless Steel
  • 2 Pieces Set
  • Kitchen Knife
  • Chef Knife
  • Cooking Ware
  • Chef's Choice
  • Wood Handle
  • Multi Color Handle
  • Versatile Multi-Purpose Featuring Outstanding Craftsmanship