TheBoneEdge 17.5" Custom Handmade Damascus Blade Hollow Wood Handle Tomahawk Smoking Axe

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Description: This is one of the most best hunting axes in the business. While they may get damaged here and there in a beginner’s hand, a more seasoned axe thrower can make a TheBoneEdge Axe last for years. It's wood handle can take hard abuse. The damascus steel heads also maintain a sharp edge, crucial for keeping on top of your axe hunting game! This types of axe is perfect to throw from the required distance, and they get a solid rotation with enough driving force behind a light or heavy toss. Features: TheBoneEdge Hunting Axe 17.5" Overall Length 5" Sharp Blade Width 7" Axe Head Length Tomahawk Smoking Axe Hand Made Axe High Grade Damascus Steel Hand Forged Blade Hollow Wood Handle Brown Leather Sheath