Specialty Archery PXS Target Peep

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Specialty Archery PXS Target Peep Green

CST Center String Technology PXS Capture Aperturelocated on center of bowstring no L and R misses. OCT Optical Centered Technology Improved centration of lenses for ultimate accuracy. PLT Protected Lens Technology Lenses protected by plastic on 2 sides prevents cracking. DSAT Dual String Angle Technology has both 37 and 45-degree string angles on the same peep housing. TAP Tool-less Aperture Technology Knurled Tool-lessPXS Capture Aperture eliminates the need for an aperture wrench. PXS Clarifier or Verifier lensescan be removed from thePXS Capture Aperturefor easy cleaning. AdditionalPXS Target Peep Shade Capaccessory screws into front of peep to prevent glare.

Colors: Green


  • Center String Technology

  • Optical Centered Technology

  • Protected Lens Technology

  • Dual String Angle Technology

  • Tool-less Aperture Technology