Perrini Match Ball Soccer Blue Red Trim Football Training Official Size 5 8338

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Brighten up the field with the Perrini Indoor Outdoor Sports Soccer Ball. Control the pace on the field with our High Quality Perrini Indoor Outdoor Sports Soccer Ball. A durable Soccer ball features high-end materials and a flawless surface to ensure top performance. The smooth exterior gives the ball a more predictable trajectory plus it will allow you to have supreme ball control. Our balls Collection is on another level! Get your Perrini Soccer Ball today and start playing like the pros!


  • Perrini Indoor Outdoor Soccer Ball
  • Crafted Using High Quality PU
  • Official Size 5
  • Red & Blue Trim
  • Hand Sewn
  • Weather Proof
  • Quickly Control the Ball and Precisely Pass and Shoot Soccer Ball
  • Special Exterior Material is Designed to Resist Abrasion and Last Longer
  • Carefully Designed For Durability
  • Perfect for Match Play & Practice
  • Quality Touch and Shooting Feel