Perrini Futsal Ball White Red Low Bounce Football Official Size 4 8304

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Futsal is more entertaining and rewarding with this ball by Perrini. It's designed for beginners, intermediates and seasoned players. It's made of high grade PU material , for durability, sturdiness. This is the official size for seniors and make a good training ball. The well made ball is high quality, handles great on the court, is easy to maintain and retains its integrity for a long time.


  • Perrini Indoor Outdoor Futsal Ball
  • Crafted Using High Quality PU
  • Hand Stitched Ball
  • Pattern Color: White & Red
  • Official Size 4
  • Carefully Designed For Durability
  • Cross lamination
  • Hey Tech Latex Balance Bladder with Taiwan Butyl Valve and Polyester Foam for Low Bounce
  • Double Knott Stitching
  • Quickly Control the Ball and Precisely Pass and Shoot with Perrini Futsal Ball
  • A Great Ball for a Beginning or Youth Athlete
  • Perfect for Match Play & Practice
  • Quality Touch and Shooting Feel