Perrini 4X20 Good Quality Rapid Range Hunting Tactical Air Rifle Scope

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Shoot with confidence from anywhere, at anytime, anyway. This Exclusive 4X20 Riflescope helps find the distance between the shooter and the target. Precision optics are the distinguishing feature of the Tactical Riflescope line. The Riflescope is used for quick target acquisition in rapid changing environments, so it hits the target every time with precision accuracy. The lowest magnification setting at 4x can be used for scanning, while offering a much broader field of view. A respectable zoom from 4x allows the shooter to make an accurate shot at a long distance and keep a tight grouping.


  • Magnification: 4X20
  • Black Color
  • Its super good optical system provides extreme good performance in all kinds of conditions.
  • You can see your target clearly and shoot accurately.
  • Perfect on heavy, hard-hitting, large caliber rifles used for extended ranges.
  • It provides you with highly brightness, extraordinary clarity, absolutely accuracy, outstanding features.
  • Our riflescope will assist you in enjoying your hunting \target shooting\ tactical shooting.
  • Extra wide field of view. Light weight and small size, very easy for carrying.