DZS Defense Pepper Spray, Max Strength OC - Pink Premium Leather Case

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Stay safe with DZS pepper spray with maximum strength and 10 foot range with multiple burst capacity. 0.67 Fluid Ounces canister, police grade formula for enhanced burning effect with UV dying to help in suspect identification. The effects of the product are non-lethal, and last for 45 minutes. Safety Twist Lock prevents accidental discharge. The substance contained in the spray attacks the Mucous membranes, causing eye dilation and temporary loss of vision. Be aware of your surroundings. Look around and be ready. Do not put the spray in front of the attacker unit it is positioned properly in your hand and you are ready to use it. Aim for the eyes and spray ear to ear across the eyes for best results.

  • Premium leather case with built-in key ring.
  • Safety Twist Lock,  prevents accidental discharge.
  • 0.67 Fluid Ounces in a container.
  • Firing range up to 10 feet with multiple blasts.
  • Measures 4" tall, 2" Wide