NAP Thunderglo Lighted Nocks

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NAP Thunderglo Lighted Nocks Red Universal Fit 3 pk.

NAP Thunderglo Lighted Nocks have ultra bright LED illumination and feature an easy on/off feature. Thunderglo Lighted Nocks are crafted of a polycarbonate blend with an aluminum shaft making them extremely durable for long lasting use and life expectancy. Universal collars will allow Thunderglo Nocks to fit most any arrow (G/X/H/S).

Colors: Red


  • Polycarbonate blend Nock with aluminum shaft

  • Bright LED Illumination

  • Auto ON when nock is shot

  • LED Stays ON until user unclicks the nock

  • Universal collars fits Arrow Shafts (G/X/H/S)