Last Punch Heavy Duty Speed Ball + Gloves & Metal Hook Brand New S105

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You workout hard to accomplish your fitness goals, and you can't afford to be sidelined by an injury to your hand or wrist. That's why you need to ensure you have the Pro Style Artificial Leather Fingerless Boxing Fighting Training Gloves Heavy Duty Speed Ball & Metal Hook Set with you, whenever you hit the training centre! This 3 in one product provides complete training with protection for your hands and wrists. This money-saving set gives you the absolute best ergonomically designed wrist wraps gloves to guard against blisters and tears on your palm and prevent wrist twists, strains and sprains. The Heavy Duty Speedball is designed to help you work out and develop better swinging skills; it's both functional and durable.The Elite Training gloves & speedall have a revolutionary design that incorporates a new anatomically shaped, which promotes natural range of motion and optimal placement.


  • Heavy Duty Traing Gloves, Speedball & Metak Hook
  • Crafted Using Highly Durable Synthetic Leather
  • Heavy Duty Speedball
  • Speedball is designed to help you work out and develop better swinging skills
  • Glove Construction provides Long Lasting Durability and Functionality
  • New Design with refined Glove Padding provides a more Ergonomic Fist shape for improved comfort & flexibility
  • Full Wrist Wrap Hook & Loop Closure provides superior and anatomical wrist support and allows for a more Customizable Fit
  • Made of high-quality material, they are durable for long-term use.
  • They can give you Optimal Striking Safety in the training and Competition.
  • These Gloves are optimal for grappling and striking in both training and competition.
  • Completely New Design improves Functionality and Durability while making the Gloves Easier to Use
  • Extra Support and Protection during Training
  • Anatomical knuckle and back padding to provide increased Protection without decreasing Mobility
  • Contoured Fit Puts the Hand into a Natural Fist Position Maximizing your Punching Techniques