DZS Military Grade Aluminum Tactical High Power Stun Gun Flashlight 15M Volt

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This Day Zero Survival Police Tactical flashlight is more than meets the eye. With it's 3 watt XPE LED bulb, it can illuminate the darkest areas, and it's three light modes (high, low, strobe), provide you with lighting options. You can even use the strobe function to temporarily blind assailants, so you can make a quick get away. If that wasn't enough, there are stun prongs in the head of the flashlight that, once triggered, emit 15,000,000 volts of electricity. This enough power to bring down the largest of men. It can even scare them off by sight and sound alone. Power for these functions is controlled by dual on/off switches. On top of that, the flashlight is made of military-grade aluminum, so it is shook proof. Power for this police strength stun light is provided by two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that are included and can be recharged easily in any standard wall outlet with the provided charging cradle.

  • 3 watt XPE LED bulb provides powerful illumination
  • Three tactical light functions; High, Low, Flashing Strobe
  • On/off power button switches between light modes with a touch
  • Additional Stun switch activates hidden prongs in the head of the light
  • Prongs emit 15,000,000 volts of electricity
  • Immobilizes assailants with a touch
  • Sound and light of shock is enough to scare off attackers
  • Built-in LED indicates when you are in light or stun mode
  • Made from machined, military-grade aluminum alloy
  • Body is shock proof
  • Includes a charging cradle that plugs into standard outlets to recharge batteries
  • Power Supply: Two (2) rechargeable 18650 li-ion batteries
  • Overall length: 6.75"
  • Width: 1 5/8"