Defender PCP M22 Air Rifle 5.5mm Caliber Wooden Finish With Metal Barrel

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Description: PCP air rifle M22 is basically same as M11. And it the updated version. M22 Rifle also has dozens of effective shots, integrated suppressor, smooth cocking bolt handle, magazines, optional filler, defaulted regulated parts and two-stage adjustable trigger. The only difference lies in silencer. If Pcp With Shroud Silencer is what you need, then M22 won't let you down. Specifications: High muzzle energy with dozens of effective shots. Shroud Silencer Smooth cocking bolt handle, with magazine fitted onto its breech. Two-stage adjustable trigger Integrated suppressor makes excellent silencing effect Caliber 5.5(.22)MM Fill pressure Max.25MPa Muzzle Velocity 900 fps Air Capacity 250CC Magazine Capacity 5.5(.22) holds 11 Pellet Weight 3.7kg