Defender Black 6" LED Tactical Jet Black Twistable Mini Flashlight Aluminum Pen

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The LED Tactical Flashlight Pen is the ultimate combination of an extremely high class pen and a fully functional Tactical flashlight utilizing advanced LED technology. This pen can compete with the best of them with its smooth writing ink and elegant white pearl or polished silver finish. It can also illuminate a room with the power and rich, pure white light only a true LED flashlight can produce. This Tactical Flashlight Pen can also be used as the optimal promotional gift to give when you need a high class pen to market your product or service yet you want something extremely innovative and practical.


  • LED Tactical Flashlight Pen
  • Crafted Using Premium Quality Aluminum
  • Comes with a Medium Ball Point ink Cartridge.
  • Overall Length 6" Long
  • Jet Black Color
  • Silver Clip Holder
  • LED Twistable Flashlight
  • Tactical pen including a super bright LED Flashlight with bright illumination
  • Tactical pen can use as writing, lighting etc.