Defender 6" Box Cutter Knife Flag Handle Replaceable Blade Pocket Folding Knives 13504

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Defender Cutter is a box cutting knife that is a great addition to anyone needing to get into boxes of any kind. The stainless steel, razor blade has a satin finish and is replaceable. The Skull Flag handle has a lockback mechanism. The blades are replaceable. The handle offers a optimum grip and user comfort, not easy to slip, release your fatigue for a long time work.


  • 6" Overall Length
  • 4.5" Blade Length
  • 4" Handle Length
  • American Flag Handle
  • Replaceable Blade
  • Folding Knife
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Box Cutter Utility Knife
  • Ultra Sharp Blade
  • Flexible For A Range Of Applications Or Uses
  • Easy & Safe Carry
  • Extra Blades *Not Included*