Ceramic Rod Tungsten Steel Camp Pocket Kitchen Knife Sharpener Fast Sharpening Tool

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Description: The Mini Knife Sharpener offers a quick, foolproof way to hone your knife blade to a razor's edge the first time, every time. With preset angles and two sharpening options in one handy tool, thereÍs no need to wrestle with multiple whetstones, calculate precise angles or bother with other demanding tasks required by more complicated sharpening methods. Versatile and pocket-sized, the Mini Knife Sharpener features a set of two tungsten carbide blades and a set of two ceramic rods, each crossed at an ideal angle for imparting blades with a perfect edge every time. Just three or four strokes through the carbide blades, and extremely dull blades are restored to razor sharp. Once the edge is restored, draw it through the crossed ceramic rods for a smooth, finely honed finish. The ceramic rods are also great for maintaining the edge on already sharp blades. The Knife Sharpener is lightweight, compact and portable, making it perfect for camping, fishing, hunting or even everyday pocket carry. It includes a lanyard hole for additional transport options and ABS grip pads to hold it firmly in place while sharpening. ItÍs great for virtually any type of knife - pocket knives, culinary knives, bowies, fillet knives and more! Features: Tungsten Knife Sharpener ABS Handle Easy to operate quickly re-sharpens almost any knife blade in seconds. Non-Skid Base for Stable Sharpening Crossed Carbide Blades Provide Quick Edge Setting. Crossed Ceramic Rods Provide A Razor Sharp Edge Can be hung on a backpack, placed in your pocket, toolbox, tackle box or kitchen. Abrasives: Coarse Carbide and Extra-Fine Ceramic