Ten Ryu - Sharpening Stone for Swords - MA-SH1A

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Ten Ryu Sharpening Stone

  • VARIETY AND VALUE: With a broad selection of styles and colors, you’ll find a sword to match your style at an affordable price suited to fantasy cosplay and serious training alike.
  • MASTER SWORDSMITHS: Design in partnership with traditional artisans, these swords combine centuries of history with modern techniques to deliver a high quality, durable, reliable and beautiful piece of functional art.
  • HAND SHARPENED: Finished by hand, each blade comes with the clean, sharp edge you’d expect from much more expensive swords.
  • DIMENSIONS: 7.00-inches x 2.50-inches.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Ten Ryu – Sharpening Stone for Swords – Sharpening Stone with 600/1000# Grit, Perfect for Ensuring Your Sword is Razor Sharp, Includes Wooden Box