Ten Ryu - Samurai Sword with Display Stand - LU-014W

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Ten Ryu Samurai Sword

  • VARIETY AND VALUE: With a broad selection of styles and colors, you’ll find a sword to match your style at an affordable price suited to fantasy cosplay and serious training alike.
  • MASTER SWORDSMITHS: Design in partnership with traditional artisans, these swords combine centuries of history with modern techniques to deliver a high quality, durable, reliable and beautiful piece of functional art.
  • HAND SHARPENED: Finished by hand, each blade comes with the clean, sharp edge you’d expect from much more expensive swords.
  • DIMENSIONS: 27.90-inch Blade, 43.70-inches Overall.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Ten Ryu Hand Forged Samurai Sword, Carbon Steel Blade with Blood Groove, Black Cotton Wrapped Handle with Genuine Ray Skin, Zinc Alloy Oda Nobunaga Tsuba, Includes White Lacquer Scabbard, Sword Bag and Display Stand.