Perrini High Powered 350 Lumens Tactical Super Bright Outdoor Black Mini Flashlight

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This is a brand new flashlight that brings the latest and greatest technology together into one product. Designed for tactical and security applications, this flashlight features a strike face bezel for self defense and lens protection and a deep in-set lens reflector for a tighter beam and brighter hotspot. This flashlight will always turn on in its highest setting. It accommodates one hand operation by accessing all lighting modes through its tail switch. Features: Focus Flashlight, zoom in-out High Powered Tactical Safety Flashlight 350 Lumens Black Color Utilizes High Performance with Maximum Life Time Featuring a Compact Design, This Flashlight is Constructed Using Aluminum Alloy & Glass Lens Tactical rear switch operation provides momentary activation, on/off Strap is convenient to hang in any place or just pull the flashlight from your tool kit. Compact, Durable, and Versatile