Defender-Xtreme 10" Skinner Brown Wood Handle Stainless Steel Hunting Knife with Sheath

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Description: Hunting is one of the oldest and most primal hobbies we can still enjoy. Nothing compares to the struggle against nature, and the satisfaction of bringing down your prey. Almost Our Hunting Knives help you make the most of your next hunt. Every hunter's trusty companion, the hunting knife is useful for everything from preparing your meals to dressing your kill. Featuring a sharp and durable Steel blade, this knife will get the job done. Features: Tactical Steel Hunting Knife Crafted Using High Quality Stainless Steel 10" Overall Length 5.5" Blade Length 4.5" Handle Length Hand Made Knife Brown Wood Handle Leather Sheath Well Stitched Sheath Ultra Sharp Blade Flexible for a Range of Applications or Uses