Defender Flick Knife Switch Blade Brush Novelty Folding Knives Blue Pearl Handle 13482

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This is the 9" Automatic Deploying Switchblade Hair Brush. By using this automatic switch blade, you can deploy a stainless steel blade and use it while looking cool. Featuring a safety lever and a reversible belt clip, this little automatic blade can fit in your pocket for any occasion that you might need.Push the release button, and a comb flies out of the handle. Pull the blade back into the handle for reuse later. The locking mechanism and durability will ensure the long life of your blade. The smooth shine of the polished handle and the overall classic design adds to the coolness factor. This switchblade knife sure is a blast from the past.


  • 9" Overall Length
  • 4" Blade Length
  • 5" Handle Length
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Blue Pearl Handle
  • Comb Knife
  • Retro Style Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Comb