Baseball Glove Pitcher Cowhide Leather Small Catcher Top Grain Baseball Glove BN

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These gloves will not only make you smile but also have fun while playing ball. soft material reduces sting to prevent injury. The ultra-flexible material easily allows the player to open and close and the self-stick wrist enclosure helps keep the glove in place.


  • Baseball Gloves, Small Inside and Outside Field Pitcher Catcher Training Baseball Gloves
  • 11" Size
  • Color Brown
  • Cowhide leather for increased durability, feel and comfort.
  • Top Grain
  • Specifications: Youth
  • Material: cowhide
  • The leather is light and durable and very flexible. Lightweight, soft and non-slip.
  • Ready to play: The soft palm structure means no need to break in. This glove is a good choice for you!